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Chance Foreman

Filmmaker, Photographer 
Chance Foreman is an award-winning filmmaker, poet, and global storyteller. From the rainforests of Borneo to the streets of India's slums, Chance's work resonates worldwide. With credits on acclaimed films like "Kiss the Ground" and the follow-up film "Common Ground” as well as projects on Netflix, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime, his storytelling prowess knows no bounds.
Common Ground documentary (2023) - Official Trailer
Common Ground Film

Common Ground documentary (2023) - Official Trailer

From the filmmakers of ‘Kiss the Ground’ (Netflix) comes the follow-up documentary ‘Common Ground,’ recipient of the Tribeca Film Festival 2023 Human/Nature Award. In select theaters in the US starting September 27th, 2023. Sobering yet hopeful, ‘Common Ground’ exposes the toxic interconnections of American farming policy, politics, and health, by sharing stories of destruction and healing across the United States and beyond, and how regenerative agriculture and soil health plays a vitally important role in changing these systems for the better. At it's root, it explores how people from different walks of life, different political backgrounds, and different places share one thing in common – the very soil beneath their feet. The film is directed by Josh and Rebecca Tickell, who have created bold and inspiring environmental films for many years (Kiss the Ground, On Sacred Ground, Regenerate Ojai, Fuel, The Big Fix), while winning coveted awards along the way from Sundance, Cannes, Red Nation, and Tribeca. The film features celebrity actors, activists and philanthropists Rosario Dawson, Laura Dern, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, Jason Momoa, and Ian Somerhalder, along with interviews with Gabe Brown, Jonathan Lundgren Ph.D, Mark Hyman M.D., Leah Penniman, Ray Archuleta, Toby Kiers, Ph.D, Allejandro Carillo, Carey Gillam, Kelsey Ducheneaux-Scott, Kara Boyd, Robyn O'Brien, Rick Clark, and many other farmers, ranchers, scientists, educators, allies and beyond. In addition to warning the next generation, the narrators provide hope for ways to fix broken systems. “As parents of two young children, ‘Common Ground’ is not only a love letter to our kids, but all of the co-narrators of the film are also writing the letter to their children,” co-director Rebecca Tickell Common Ground had it’s world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, receiving the 2023 Human/Nature Award, “…a prize established to amplify a film that best exemplifies solution-oriented environmental storytelling.” 5 ACTIONS TO SUPPORT THE FILM: 1) Buy tickets by going to our website for the most updated list of cities, links and info: 2) Request the film at a theater near you: 3) Comment your city on our official announcement posts so we can continue to share the film to as many places as possible: Facebook: Instagram: 4) Pay It Forward by purchasing tickets for others to see the film via our partnership with Gala Film, OR, if buying a ticket for yourself or a friend or family member is not accessible, request a free ticket: 5) Follow us on social media, sign up for our newsletter, and connect with us here: As an independent film production, when you share the trailer and the film with your friends and family, and join us in theaters for the premieres, it makes a big difference. Without the luxury of multi-million dollar budgets, every share and every ticket is an act of supporting Common Ground. And that grass roots support will help the solution-driven movement and support regenerative leaders in their mission to transition 100+ million acres into 'Regenerative Agriculture' practices by 2035. We can all find our common ground through this movement to heal the soil, our food systems, our health, and the planet. No action is too small, and ever acre counts. From urban gardens to large ranches, composting to food production, ecological restoration projects to curriculum in the classroom (and in the fields), we can do this if we work together. Join the movement, and help us grow the film and the movement far and wide! Thank you all. See you in at the premieres and beyond! -Common Ground Team -- #commongroundfilm #commongroundmovie #regenerativeagriculture #dontcensorcommonground #regenerativefarming #documentary #soilhealth #farming #climateaction #growfood #goodhealth #environmental #environmentalstewardship #agroecology
Regenerate Ojai Narrated by Laura Dern
Environmental Working Group (EWG)

Regenerate Ojai Narrated by Laura Dern

Big Picture Ranch and Environmental Working Group (EWG) Present, Regenerate Ojai, a Rebecca and Josh Tickell film. This 30 minute-long documentary film which is narrated by Academy Award Winner Laura Dern, exposes shocking truths about pesticide exposure in Ojai, a small Southern California town located in the agricultural county of Ventura, California. Drawing from data obtained by EWG from the Ventura Country Agricultural Office, the film shows that in Ventura County over 5.7 million pounds of toxic “Danger and Warning Label” pesticides are sprayed each year. These pesticides are sprayed next to residences and schools as well as near other public areas and pose a significant public health risk. People interviewed in the film recount their experiences after exposure from pesticide drift in Ojai and Ventura including pets dying, cancers, blindness and birth defects. Data from the University of California system shows significant correlations between these pesticides and animal and human epidemiological issues. The film calls for a public pesticide notification system via text (as used by other state and county agencies), for farmers to investigate switching to Organic growing methods, and for schools to use their buying power to buy directly from local and organic and regenerative farmers thus safeguarding the health of students, teachers and staff. Clarification: Adam Vega is a Fieldworker Advocate Credits: REGENERATE OJAI Narrated by: Laura Dern Executive Produced by: Big Picture Ranch Environmental Working Group Transition to Organics Anna Oster Mark Sims Eliza & Bill Moses Directed by: Rebecca & Josh Tickell Co-Produced by: Stacy Ruppel Cinematographers: Chance Forman, Simon Balderas & Joaquim Pujol Editors: Ryan A. Nichols, Anthony Ellison & Jeff Pinilla Sound: Jason Martinez copyright (c) 2023 Big Picture Ranch, LLC

There are deeper strata of truth in cinema, and there is such a thing as poetic, ecstatic truth. It is mysterious and elusive and can be reached only through fabrication and imagination and stylization.

― Werner Herzog

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